Welcome to my homepage. On this site you find more information on my research, publications and teaching. My work focuses on themes of intercultural governance, migration and integration policies, and the relationship between knowledge and power. I’m associate director of IMISCOE, Europe’s largest academic research network on migration, integration and social cohesion. Also, I’m coordinator of the Erasmus University interdepartmental research cluster on the Governance of Migration and Integration (see link) and editor-in-chief of the journal Comparative Migration Studies (CMS). 

I’m currently running several international research projects:

  • IMAGINATION, Urban Implications and Local Governance of CEE Migration (JPI-Urban Europe).
  • DIAMINT, Science-Society Dialogues on Migrant Integration in Europe (VolkswagenStiftung).
  • UPSTREAM, Developing Effective Strategies for the Mainstreaming of Integration Governance (European Integration Fund). 
  • Beyond National Models of Integration? Agenda Dynamics and the Multi-Level Governance of Migrant Integration (VENI scholarship from NWO, see link

I’m also involved as project partner in a number of other international projects, like MECLEP, PROSINT, AMICALL, IMPACIM and UniteEurope (FP7).  

For more information, see other tabs of this page or click one of these links:

IMISCOE logoAharoni-Full




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